About Us

Ida anokuda Zimbabwe is the platform of single ladies and guys where they can get connected. The main objective here is to make sure that everyone who is single can be easily connected where ever you are, at any possible given time. However this is genuine to an extend that you may try to WhatsApp us on our contacts then get assisted instantly.

Moreover, we are working hard to prove ourselves that we do not cheat people, at all by just providing the service all the time and making sure that they will not complain at all. We have our social Platforms where you may get help also, for example at Face book page or even to email us also will be another alternative way of getting in touch with us.

We can connect mostly singles in Zimbabwe and South Africa. What we do is as follows, we connect the Zim ladies who are in Zimbabwe and South Africa together with the guys who are single. This is not for discrimination purpose but is where we are based, however anyone who is interested to get connected here, is also absolutely welcome.

Privacy and security.

We support this platform to make sure that all users are secured in terms of their privacy and important security. The best thing that we do all the time. Is to make sure that our users are comfortable with us, we do not post their secrets. We do not publish contacts of the ladies here but, in fact by due respect we only exchange the contacts of singles when they get interested with each other. We do it privately to avoid spam.

We value your privacy to an extend that you will feel honored and respected. What we only want is genuine relationship. We do not allow all kinds of bullying and insulting each other. Here we also not allow naked pictures or any sort of pornographic material in form of videos, pictures and even hatred speech. If we notice such materials, this may result in blocking you from using our platform.

How to get connected here?

This is essential to our users to know, as we work together. If you visit this platform, the first thing that you must do is to look for the single ladies that we display and after you get the one you like, just check for her location, age and her expectations from you, however if you are comfortable with that you may then inbox Admin for her contacts and get connected, on +263735199403 or +263783020592

Its so simple but do not also forget to like our facebook page called Idaanokuda Zimbabwe. Thank you so much.