Sugar Mama Precious aged 27 is looking for a serious guy to marry she is staying in Harare and seriously need you

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Greetings, my name Precious a Sugar Mama who is 22 years and looking for a guy. Moreover i am hereby saying it is of paramount important to get someone who is mature. I am hoping to get a guy who may take care of me and this does not necessarily mean that i am after money. However it is so pleasing to get someone who is working. The who will fulfill my personal responsibilities.

Well the guy my be mature enough to handle marriage issues wisely. I don’t want a guy who will just expose our privacy to any one. Moreover it is crucial to have someone who may just take care of me. Someone who will always making sure that i am happy. Let me be open to you my dear, i need a guy who is charming and good looking.

Just make sure you have pure love.

Be someone who is smart and hygienic all the time, looking good and having jokes all the time. In actual fact is great to get someone who have affection love. However it is not necessarily mean that i am trying to exclude a lot of people here.

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What i really need is a type of guy who will try to make me feel that i’m a woman of velour who is essential. Here is now my opportunity to get you if you are serious.

Moreover lets be together now my dear if you are serious with me so that we may start a new life. You are so special to me because its my time to be here to get a serious guy who will take care of me.

Here is your chance. to get Sugar mama

Lets be together now so that we may plan our life.

Finally but not least i am here to pronounce that any guy who will select me will be the guy that i will love for the rest of my life.

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