Cathrine is a single lady aged 28 staying in Chitown -Harare looking for a single guy to marry

Zim Single ladies

This is Cathrine a single lady who is staying in Zimbabwe and need someone who is single. Furthermore i am looking for someone who is staying alone and not married. I am a lady who is 28 years looking for a guy who may marry me.

My wish is to get into marriage this year my dear so that we may start our journey forever my dear. You are so special to me to an extend that i can not leave without you. Please bear in your mind that. I am a serious lady who is faithful to you so that my marriage with be strong. Who is ready to get my number here so that we may start to interact together with you if you are serious.

Too much ladies are now searching online due to social distance and restrictions.

Now that we are not allowed to loiter around here is a chance online. We can meet here then discuss whatever you like. Then so that we will start to communicate on how we may meet together. I need a guy who is serious please and someone with brighter future. What i really need is a guy who is serious for the rest of my life.

Now its hard time because some of the guys may lie that they are single while they have wives. Please i beg you to be faithful to me because i really need someone who is not married. Bear in your mind that you are so special to me to an extend that i will never forget you if you treat me nice.

Now looking forward to get someone who is ready for marriage.

Finally, may you just leave a comment below so that i can see that you are really serious with me. Do not forget to leave your contacts so that i may call you. I need to chat with you now my dear.

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