Rutendo a single lady staying in Zimbabwe Harare, aged 28 and looking for a guy now.

Zim Single ladies

Rutendo a single lady, greetings my name is Rutendo a single lady. I am single lady staying in Zimbabwe and really need a guy who can make me happy. However it is very crucial to express my wish. I need a guy who is 30 years old and above. Moreover as an individual you have to comply with all what any lady purse.

I am so glad to be here after struggling. I am so happy to get any guy who will marry me. Harare is where i am staying please my dear i really looking for someone who will support me financially.

Rutendo a single lady – Just get connected now.

In actual fact please bear in your mind that i will make you happy the rest of my life since. Thus my aim to get someone who will eventually be the best guy to me. You are welcome even if you stay in any place i can accept you my dear. In this juncture where there is corona virus, its better for us to date here.

Rutendo a single lady. Like now i am looking for a guy who can take care of me for the rest of my life. The guy that i value is someone who will respect me and take me out, whenever it is possible to do so.-Get a serious single lady here who can marry you if you are serious with it.

This fantastic to have such a nice time of searching a serious person hope will get the good man here. Please my dear i am now looking forward for you now just to be mine if you are really serious with me. Tell me whatever you expect from a good wife, then i will do it. I will make sure that i will please since i do not want to loose you. Choose me now i am ready for you so that we may start a new life with you if you are serious with me.Contact us

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