Meet Pamela a single lady (31) single and staying in Zim- Mutare along Penhalonga

Zim Single ladies

Greetings to you all my name is Pamela a single lady staying alone in Mutare -Zimbabwe. I am a single mother of one and looking for a single guy to marry me. However i am here in Penhalonga. I am a teacher by profession and moreover i am doing my personal business. You have to be a serious guy who need to marry me not someone to play with me.

Moreover, its my pleasure that i get this essential time to search for a single guy who may pleases me. I will be happy if i meet any serious guy who may just take of my child. I need a guy who may make me happy all the time. Now you are free to get in touch with me so that we may talk as soon as you get my contacts.

Get my contacts now so that we may talk now.

If you need me in your life, just get my contacts so that i will make you happy because i am very serious. I can send bus fare for you so that you may come to my place. Waiting for a single guy to marry me so that we may plan a new life now. I am a lady who is simple and energetic, in terms of business i can make it viable. It will be viable to an extend that you will see that i am good on operating the retail outlet successfully.

Finally, just inbox admin now so that you may get my contacts, but i want a serious guy please who may please me, not those guys who want to take chances no not here please. Just like now may you please just inbox admin on +263735199403 so that you will get my contacts.

I am here for you so do not hesitate to approach me. Thus my aim to get a guy so feel free to contact me. You are so special to me and you will see that i am a serious lady who want to venture into marriage.

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