Just be mine now Tasha (24), a single lady who is staying in Zimbabwe, Zimre Park, is a single mother of one.

Zim Single ladies

Just be mine now. Tasha is my name a single mother who is young and faithful. I am looking for a single guy who may marry me, since i am now single and ready for connection. However bear in your mind that, i have a child but we no longer talk with the father of the child. The guy who is looking for me just get my contacts now from admin. Moreover, so that we may start to communicate.

I will be more happy if i get someone who is staying here in Zimbabwe, where i am staying and you will see that i am a serious lady, who is looking for any guy from the age of 30 to 40 years. The guy who is humble and caring. Someone who will not cheat on me. A loving guy, who is God fearing and like to go to church all the time.

Just be mine now. Moreover, be someone who is responsible, caring like what i told you later. You must also be financially stable. I am so curious for such type of guys please. You will see how serious am i because, like now i am staying alone. Please take your time to be mine so that you must love with your heart. You are free to call me at any time.

All single ladies are waiting for you.

If you are serious with me lets start to chat now then, we may start to exchange photos and also know where you are staying. It is crucial to get to know your relatives before venturing into the matrimony and i hope only a serious guy may do so. I also believe that a faithful guy will opt for visiting new start center, so that we will absolutely know our status before anything.

Finally if you need me in your, first of all please i need someone who is single not someone with his wife no. I just want to start my own relationship. Here but with someone who is honest not. Someone who will give me problems all the time. It is important to be here since i know that. By the special grace of God you will get someone whom you will love all time. Thank you admin for posting me.

Just be mine now. How to get contacts of Tasha?

Now its simple to get contacts of her, since you are here please just email us on idaanokudazimbabwe@gmail.com so that you may send your full details about yourself. We need your age, place and your contacts so that we may exchange them with that of Tasha. If you have any issue or question just ask below the email box below. Just be mine now

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