Meet a serious lady age (28) a single lady staying in South Africa.

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Meet a serious lady. Greetings guys here am i looking for a guy who may marry me. I am serious with you because i am now 28 years old. I am ready for marriage and you will be happy with me. Because no time to waste to tell you the truth. Just to be honest i am not getting a guy who will meet my requirements and expectations since some guys are here to place.

I am single lady who is staying in Harare the capital city. What i respect is being a faithful lady to someone who will be mine. I am sorry my phone can capture nice the pictures. Thus why you see that my photo is not clear to see it.

Get a serious lady who can please you all the time.

Meet a serious lady. If you are ready for me my dear please just get my number here so that we may discuss. I need a guy who will be mine for ever not for temporary, its not good for me, because marriage is something that is important to me. Its my dream to have someone who may accomplish my future vision, as an individual the guy must take care of me and you will just show me that you will really need me.

Moreover, if you love me with all your heart. You must prove to me that you are serious so that i will not go into hot soup. The best way to show me that is just through various ways like having your pictures. Just to show me your pictures, sending me the contacts of your relatives and you will see that you will please me.

Now you may get my contact

Are you really in need of me please take your time, so that we may meet. If you take your time with me and love just get my contacts from admin on +263735199403 so that you will get my contacts. Like now am ready for you my dear. You need to take your time my dear. Please because i really love you a lot if you just do what i want. Show me that you are serious. Contact us Meet a serious lady

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