Here is Sadia a single lady (34) staying in Zimbabwe Harare, looking for a handsome guy.

Zim Single ladies

Here is Sadia a single lady -Greetings guys, its my pleasure to be here while looking for a handsome guy. The one who is nice to me and my relatives. I really need you in my life if you are serious with me. Just see below how you may get my contacts. However if you are honest and faithful just be mine I really need you in my life.

Moreover i need a single guy who is staying alone, now the guy must love me to an extend that i will not complain. Someone who will make me happy all the time. We will be going to church altogether having a good relationship, loving each other.

Here is Sadia a single lady -Getting to know me better.

I am a lady who like to be happy all the time and also like to play soccer. Moreover if you want me to be happy, just go with me out for refreshments so that we may just reduce stress. The best place to be here in harare is at Harare gardens, whereby starting with taking photos.

You will be happy with because, you can not believe that i am charming and romantic. i like to swim with you, if you are comfortable with it and you will be seeing how fast and good at swimming. However be someone who is ready for me please so that we may talk more interesting and amazing stories.

Sadia is a serious lady who is looking forward to get a guy now.

Here is Sadia a single lady -Please make sure that you will love me at all, if you are serious with me please I need you in my life my dear so that you will be happy with me. I am a good wife material, who wishes to be happy in the marriage. So that i will just feel good all the time. Now if you are serious like me. Just get in touch with me so that we may chat.

Those who are in Zimbabwe i need place like in harare, bulawayo, gweru and mutare -since at any time i may usually visit those places. Now i am here for you so that we may start to enjoy together. Please i need someone who will love me with his whole heart so that i will not cry but enjoy.

Now you may get my personal contacts.

Its simple just inbox admin now on +263735199403 then we may get know each other. You are mine for ever my dear take your time and you will see that i am serious and good person for you. I do not waste your time to tell you the truth. Here is Sadia a single lady

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