Prisca is a single mother aged 33 looking for a single guy to marry, staying in Zim- mabelreign Harare.

Zim Single ladies

Greetings to all single guys my name is Prisca a single lady. I am 33 years old and looking for a single guy who may marry me. I am staying in the capital city of Zimbabwe. However if you love me just get in touch with me now i am really looking for a single guy who may marry me. However please i really need, a guy who will be more presentable and looking good to me.

Its my pleasure to be here guys since. I am looking forward for a serious guy, who will be mine forever. You are free to get in touch at any time because i am so serious with you. My only worry is that, of getting a guy who will love with unconditionally.

The guy who is in my dream

Truly speaking, you need to be someone who is charming. The guy must be at the tender age, looking smart and young all the time. This must be a habit to stay like that all the time just to persuade me so that my eye will be on you all the time. My time will be on you to see if you are ready to be a father so that will be mine forever.

Moreover i need a guy who stays around here in Harare, so that i will visit you all the time. You must be at the age of 30 and so that you will be mature enough to be responsive for the father duties. You have to be the guy who love me with all your heart. Please not pretending, looking for money.

Please be free to get in touch with me.

Now thus important to get in touch with me now, am here for you my dear. What i only looking for is a guy who is serious so please get my contacts here from Antie on +263735199403, immediately you will get in touch with me because i really need you in my life.

Lastly, ask the admin to get my contacts now. So that we may talk so that you will see how much i love you. The best place to be now you may get my contacts just as simple like that, please lets talk now.

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