Meet Sibongile 35 a single mother of 2 staying alone looking for a guy -here in South Africa Capetown.

Ladies in South Africa

Meet Sibongile 35 a single mother. Its my pleasure to be here while searching, for a single guy who is staying in South Africa. My name is Sibongile a single lady who is in Capetown. I am 35 and striving to get a guy who may marry me now. You are welcome my dear to be mine even today. Therefore if you are serious just get in touch with me now so that we may start to chat now.

Moreover, if you are serious just inbox me, after you get my contact from the admin. I am here in South Africa where i am working at a certain company, will tell you if you are ready for and get my contacts now. Do you know that this season is so hard to stay alone still it is cold and a partner must be alongside you.

Meet Sibongile 35 a single mother that you really want.

Meet Sibongile 35 a single mother Here i will be more glad if i get a guy who is staying around Capetown. Who is serious with me, lovely and caring all the time.The guy must be at the age of 40 and above, thus my first preference. I need a guy who is mature enough to be the father of the house. Taking all the responsibilities as a father who is mature and behaving like a father. Knowing and acting as a father all the time.

I need a guy who do not smoke and drink beer. This is because as for me i do not use drugs at all. The guy must love to go to church and always pray. It is good to have such type of the guy since problems will be little in my marriage and i will exercise freedom. I have seen this to my sister her husband is a prayer warrior. This may strengthen their relationship.

Lets chat now if you are seriously with me

If you see that you like my character and need me in your life, please do not hesitate to contact Admin on +263735199403 now and ask for my contacts. Its simple you may tell them my name. They will give you as soon as possible. You must be fast my dear i am waiting for you now.

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