Wow thus my man (40) staying in Zimbabwe in manicaland looking for a single guy to marry.

Ladies in South Africa

Wow thus my man I am a single lady, age 40. I am looking for a single guy who is serious with me. Please i am not here for jokes. However if you look at my age you will see that i am very serious. Moreover if you need me please lets be together now. I am a good lady who is looking for a good man who will fulfill my dreams and take care of me.

Just get my number now from Admin, so that we may talk. I am free to talk with you now if you are serious with me. Please i am looking for a guy who will let me do whatever i want. I am doing my projects so that may earn a better living.

Wow thus my man -Just be happy -get connected to a serious lady.

I am serious my boy, you will be happy with me to tell you the truth. It is possible to get my number because i am really a serious lady who will make you happy all the time. I am looking for someone who is athletic and able to swim. A person who will be willing to go for trials, i mean on swimming, jogging, running and having many varieties of physical activities. My body is so strong because every day i go for training.

Absolutely -its good to be mine

Wow thus my man – Moreover, I like to date to with the tall guys who are charming and pleasing all the time, being romantic and smart. You will be happy with me since i am good at pleasing guys. If you check my age you will see that i am no longer that type of ladies who are here to play or for another businesses. Its very obvious that my aim is to get someone who will marry me.

Actually you can not believe if you do not see me but just try it now. Just inbox Admin on +263735199403 and ask for my contacts. I am here to make you happy so just try me now because you. You are free to call me at any time so that we may talk my dear. Feel free i am here for you, just to please you.Wow thus my man

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