Actually who is serious i am aged 24 looking for a single lady who is single and honest

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Actually who is serious. Greetings guys I am a single lady age (24) by her name Tehannah. Seriously looking for a guy who need a serious relationship with me. I am a lady lives in Zimbabwe, Harare however i need a serious guy who may marry me. Hope you will need me in your life as your life partner. You deserve to be mine if you love me.

Please admin try to connect myself with someone who is serious, however the guy must be at the age of 25 and above up to 35 years. You must be stable financially and have your personal place, where you are staying alone. Moreover if you are happy with me just ask the admin for my contacts now.

Actually who is serious -The home of love feel free.

Please feel free to be mine. I am a serious lady who may become mine for the rest of my love. You have to be mine today please just open up your mind and just find a room in your heart and then love me. I will show you the true love for the rest of your life and you will never be angry.

Moreover, as a young lady i like to travel a lot of distances. Travelling with you and make my mind free all the time, having funs and refreshments. I need to be productive all the time, trying to make my life viable all the time. You will feel love that is inside my heart. Please my darling be mine and see how much do i love you.

Actually who is serious. If it is something that i want to hear is to have someone who go to church all the time. I need someone who is going to church, nowadays we have to love God, during this hardships. Just be like that my dear so that i will be happy with you.

Get my contacts now

If you are sure in your heart, that you love me please make it quickly now, just like now inbox admin +263735199403 the get my contacts now so that we will be together my dear please i really need you in my life.

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