Meet Ethel a single lady, 23 looking for a single guy to marry stays in Zim.

Zim Single ladies

Meet Ethel a single lady. Greetings single guys, my name is Ethel. I am 23 years old looking for a single guy who may marry me. However i am staying in Zim, if any guy is in need of a guy please lets meet now. I am looking for any age but from 25 and above. Please you must be a serious guy who will meet my standard and expectations.

It is my first time to be here but hope will find a perfect guy who will make me happy. In actual fact i am looking for a guy around the age of 25 and above. The guy must be above me so that we will be a perfect match. Please be a guy who love water, i mean to bath all the time. Not a guy who will not like to be smart all the time. Hygiene thus my part of life to tell you the truth.

Meet Ethel a single lady- How to get connected with Ethel.

Its simple to get my number, especially if you are serious with me just inbox admin on +263735199403 so that we may start to chat, after getting my contacts from the admin remember that, only a guy who will follow this simple instruction will automatically get my personal contacts. I am so curious my dear, only to get you is my first and main priority.

Here am looking for a guy in Harare, Mutare, Masvingo, Zvishavane or any place but here in Zimbabwe. I am saying so because during this lock down i do not want to struggle. Please am saying this because of covid so that we will still maintain social distance. Thereby not loitering around the places looking for each other.

What i am doing for living.

As an individual you may want to know what am doing, for living. Like now am about to finish my bachelor of human resource degree, at Great Zimbabwe University. This is my final year so that i will finish and get a guy as well. Finally please just come to me my dear i am looking for a serious guy. Meet Ethel a single lady

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