I can’t stay alone baby, i’m in Soth Africa, looking for a single guy to marry.

Ladies in South Africa

I can’t stay alone baby. Hello guys my name is Jesca a single lady staying in Zimbabwe, harare. Looking for a single guy to marry me, however the guy must also come from local city. I have one child a boy and looking for someone who is single. Even if you have children no problem my dear.

Moreover, I am a single lady staying alone aged 27 years. If i meet with any single guy who is above my age will be an added advantage. I need someone who is serious please guys because, i learn from the first marriage that i have to be serious.

I can’t stay alone baby-The guy that I am expecting in my life.

Admin please give my contacts to any serious guy who want to marry me so that we may start a new life. I need someone who is serious, with me. A guy who will be charming and loving. I am here for you please so make sure that you are here for me.

I can’t stay alone baby. Moreover, if you need my contacts just inbox admin now so that you will be given. I gave the admin my contacts, face book username and emails. You will be mine if you are serious and eager to support me financially so that i can start my own business.

The the best guy will show himself by answering my calls at any time, responding my whatsapp messages all the time, the one who will take care of me all the time and be responsible as a father of the house.

Get my contacts now so that we may start to chat.

Here is simple to get my whatsapp number and home address. Just inbox Admin on +263735199403 then will get my contacts so that we may start to chat now. After that you will also email on idaanokudazimbabwe@gmail.com for more about me. I mean to get my home address and my personal location.

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