Heart is love and i need you (31) a single mother, lives in S.A

Ladies in South Africa

Heart is love and i need you -Good day guys my name is Tambudzai a single lady looking for a single guy. My age is 31 years and staying here in Zimbabwe, Mutoko. However as you may see my age it means that i am not here for joking but for getting someone. I need someone who is serious with marriage please because, I really need to get into marriage.

I am a single who is serious for marriage and need to get a guy or any father of children but single. Will make you happy to tell you the truth because i am learning as a old person that. Marriage is the special gift that we must nurture and make it viable. Seriously you will like the type of the person that you are about to see because, what concerns me is only pure love and transparent relationship.

Heart is love and i need you- get her contact now so that you may chat with her.

Heart is love and your love must be pure. Probably you will see that i am so beautiful outside but to tell you the truth. I will not change to thus my priority. Please make sure that you really love me since i am ready for love like you. I do not want to disappoint you at all because thus my aim to get someone who may love me.

In this juncture, please make sure you are absolutely ready for me since i am ready for you. Now you are free to get my contacts from any time just get them below contact us

You know what i really loves you

Finally, thus me your baby who need you mostly, so that we may start a new life so that we will make sure that you will never regret at all. I really need you in my life to tell you the truth. Heart is love and i need you

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