Date thus my passion- looking for a single guy who is single and searching for true love.

Zim Single ladies

Date thus my passion. Good day guys my name is Sarah a single lady. I am age 38 and seriously looking for a single guy who may marry me. However if you are serious like me just contact me now. If you are serious please just take a simple step to get my contacts fro the admin so that we may start chatting. Moreover please make sure that you are really serious with me.

I am a lady who is staying alone and really need a guy who may stay with me. I am staying in Zimbabwe. If anyone is serious with me please here is your chance to prove me that you are serious. I need a man who may marry, not the one who want to play with me. Even if you see my age it is obvious that i here for serious business.

Date thus my passion- The type of the guy that i am looking for

I need to get a guy who is around 40 years and above, so that we may start a new life together. Please get my contacts from admin. Get both my contacts and user name on face book so that we may even chat on face book. Please admin give my details to a person who may seems to be serious with me because i do not want my time to be wasted.

My time for you is always there only if you are serious with me and i really need a guy who is humble, soft and kind. The guy who will be charming all the time. The one who will not cheat on me please because as an individual i must feel loved and not cheated.

How to get my contacts very fast.

Now its fast and real, just inbox admin on +263735199403 and get my contacts so that we may start to talk now. You can even get my username on Facebook so that sometimes we chat. If you are ready you may even get my home address as well.

For more information about Sarah just email us on Date thus my passion

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